Clinical Pilates
What is Clinical Pilates

The term “Clinical Pilates” is a physiotherapy defined term used to differentiate it from traditional Pilates. Clinical Pilates is a “refined” form of traditional Pilates utilising evidence based physiotherapy research.

Clinical Pilates:

  • Is an individually tailored treatment method using a personalised program following an indepth physiotherapy assessment
  • Is used in conjunction with physiotherapy techniques
  • Is only provided by highly trained Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists
  • Is unique and very different from the generic or fitness Pilates
  • Is designed to find and fix the root cause of an injury, not just the injury itself

Who is Clinical Pilates suitable for?

  • Those already attending for physiotherapy treatment, as part of their rehabilitation to get back to normal activities of daily living and/or their chosen sport
  • Those who may have not attended our clinic before and have continuing 'niggling' injuries which may or may not be worsening with time
  • Those who may have attended traditional group Pilates or Yoga classes where the classes either aggravated or they didn't improve their condition

How can Clinical Pilates help you?

  • Reduce pain and safely manage your injury
  • Correct poor mechanic that underlie injuries
  • Greater resistance to injury
  • Training your muscle groups to help your body to work safely and more efficiently
  • An overall feeling of physical wellbeing, with improved posture, balance and motor control
Make an Appointment

How do I get started?


Step 1

Call us to book a one on one appointment with one of our Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist


Step 2

Attend your initial physiotherapy & postural assessment. Your physiotherapist will assess and diagnose any dysfunction and history of any previous issues to establish whether any ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy is required prior to or as part of your program.


Step 3

The start of devising a specifically tailored exercise program using Clinical Pilates reasoning under one on one instruction of our Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist utilising reformer / trapezius equipment as well as mat exercises interspersed with any manual physiotherapy techniques if required and complementary home exercises.


Step 4

Attendance to physiotherapy supervised Clinical Pilates classes (max. 4) following your individual exercise program in our purpose designed, state-of-the-art studio.


Step 5

Re-assessment and possibly unsupervised Clinical Pilates gym attendance (if assessed that your condition is stable and safe to do so) and/or advice on how to return to larger traditional classes.

Management will be discussed with you so that you are clear of goals achieved and there will be an ongoing assessment and re-assessment during your rehabilitation by your highly qualified Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist so specifics may change in order to address your very specific needs.

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