No, you don’t need a doctor’s referral to attend our clinic. If however you are attending physiotherapy as part of a claim, e.g. Work or Motor Vehicle accident you will require a referral in order to claim cost of treatment.

If you are unsure please send us an Email or call us on 4055 6200 and we will gladly advise if physio will help you.

Yes we do welcome patients who require physiotherapy due to an accident at their workplace. Please bring along your current “Worker’s compensation medical certificate” which you would have received from your treating GP. In order for payment to go through WorkCover it is essential that you have an open claim. Please feel free to give us a call and we can check this for you. All approved physiotherapy treatment must be covered by a current medical certificate at all times.

Yes. Please bring along a D904 referral from your GP as well as your DVA card.

Yes, we have HICAPS accepting all major health funds. Eftpos and credit card facilities are also available (excl. Amex & Diners).

Medicare does not normally contribute to physiotherapy. However if you suffer from a chronic condition you may be eligible for Medicare rebates via a GP Management Plan (EPC). Please check eligibility with your GP.

We are a private clinic and don’t offer bulk billing which means that you will still be out of pocket by a small amount. You are able to claim your Medicare rebate when attending our clinic via Medicare Easyclaim. Please bring along your Medicare card as well as a debit card which is linked to a savings or cheque account (to deposit your rebate). Please feel free to contact us for more information.

If your private health insurance includes ‘Extras’ it will definitely cover at least part of your treatment and you will only have to cover the gap payment. Please contact your insurer to find out how much they will contribute to physiotherapy sessions.

During your first appointment the physiotherapist will complete a full assessment of your condition. This would involve asking you questions in regards to your present injury (onset and history, aggravating and easing factors) and also questions regards your General Health which will then form the basis for your physical examination. Where you feel the pain may not always be where your pain is generated from so do not be surprised if the physio does ask questions in relation to other areas or assess and examine an area where you don't experience pain. Depending on the problem and subjective and objective assessment findings the physio will then explain and commence the treatment and management plan and may also give some ergonomic advice and exercises on the first visit though sometimes they may just want to assess the effect of treatment alone before giving any home interventions.

Your physio will assess your response to treatment/advice since the last visit. Based on your replies and objective assessment they will make a decision whether you have responded as expected and continue treatment and management as planned or adjust accordingly with the new re-assessment information. The physios will keep you informed so that you understand your management plan at all times and work as a team to get the best possible outcome for your injury/dysfunction.

It is best to wear comfortable clothing which gives the physiotherapist access to the area which requires attention. As many injuries require a full postural assessment you may be asked to remove shirt and/or shorts so please ensure you are wearing underwear you are comfortable with. If you have not come suitably dressed to your first appointment and are not comfortable with the request please do not hesitate to inform your physio and don't worry - your physio will advise what may need to be assessed for your second visit so that you can be suitable attired then. All our physiotherapists are bound by a code of professional ethics and will endeavour to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the assessment and treatment sessions but please do inform them if you are not comfortable at any time. If you prefer to see a female/male physiotherapist, please advise us when making your appointment and we will be able to accommodate.

No. Our physiotherapists do not require previous imaging results in order to assess your problem and provide treatment as their physical examination will be guided by what they have assessed from questioning you. If during the assessment they feel that further investigation is warranted before treatment they will advise and refer you. If however you have already had an Xray/MRI etc. please bring along the report.

It is very important that you attend your appointment on time as many other clients are coming from work and have time limitations. Please give us a call as soon as you realise that you may be running late. If you are delayed by 10min or more we ask you to please be understanding that your treatment may a little bit shorter as your physio may already have another patient booked in after your appointment. Your physio will always endeavour to run on time and we pride ourselves on doing this well as long as there are no unforeseen circumstances.

If you are unable to attend to your physiotherapy appointment we ask that you please give us at least 4 hours notice. If you don’t show or cancel within less than 4 hours a cancellation fee will apply.

Your initial consultation will normally take between 30-40mins and a follow up consultation anywhere between 20-30mins. Your session is commonly a mix of “hands on, exercise prescription and ergonomic/management advice”. There may be times, if you present with a more complex issue or multiple injury areas, where the physio may suggest you have an extended or double appointment but this will always be discussed with you prior to this occurring.

In some cases your problems may be related to each other, e.g. neck/shoulder. However if multiple body parts are bothering you please keep in mind that your physiotherapist may not be able to attend all issues in one appointment. We recommend that you book an extended or double appointment to allow enough time to fully assess all issues if you are aware of the need, or your physio will prioritise what to assess and treat during your initial management and then advise of any need for future extended treatment/assessment.

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